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Teen dump truck driver kills two and injures one

Two people were killed and one seriously injured in a truck accident along a Texas expressway. When medical personnel arrived on the scene, two cars were found smashed beneath a dump truck’s front and back wheels. The driver of the dump truck was not injured and has not been charged with any crimes. There are reports that the car driver who survived the accident is working with a lawyer.

The fatal accident occurred when the 19-year-old driver of the dump truck swerved in the far right lane on LBJ Freeway before hitting two vehicles and ending up in the median. After the collision, one of the cars became trapped underneath the dump truck’s front wheels, resulting in two deaths. The other car ended up under the truck’s back wheels, injuring another person.

Although the driver asserts that a car pulling in front of him caused him to lose control, investigators believe it was his speed that led to the accident. While driving through a construction zone, the truck driver may have had trouble controlling his speed. The driver is suspected of making faulty, evasive decisions, resulting in him awkwardly braking and veering to the left. According to what he told police, he was traveling at 60 mph before the crash.

The deceased victims’ family members may have a good case for filing a wrongful death claim. Using evidence from the investigation, a lawyer may be able to help them prove that reckless driving was to blame for their deaths. A wrongful death claim may seek damages for pain and suffering as well as unexpected expenses and financial losses that have arisen.

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