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SUV accident marks danger for teen drivers

Earlier this week a tragic auto accident in Texas claimed the lives of five teenagers. Traveling in an SUV with four other young passengers, a 16-year-old boy failed to stop at a stop sign and collided with a tanker truck. The collision proved fatal for everyone in the SUV and caused serious injuries to the […]

Wrong-way crash could lead to wrongful death case

Any fatal car accident is a tragedy without question. However, accidents which may very well have been prevented, ones that were fueled by the poor decisions of the motorist(s) at fault, can lead not only to grief but anger and resentment. This seems to be the case regarding a fatal auto accident that took place […]

Texas city levies ‘crash tax’ for auto accidents

The upheaval of a car or truck accident happens in a single, terrifying instant. One moment a person, couple, family, or friends may be enjoying a leisurely drive or a routine trip to work, and in the very next second a crash can change everything. Immediately after a collision, questions of injuries and damage costs […]

Manufacturer introduces new pedestrian-friendly airbags

Few things can be more frightening than an auto accident involving a pedestrian and a vehicle. At any speed and in any location, including the roads of San Antonio, a collision between someone on foot (or bicycle) and a moving car or truck can quickly bring about serious injuries and even, in some tragic cases, […]

Oil and gas workers at heightened accident risk

Here in Texas, the stability, opportunities, and income that work in the oil industry offers has been attracting young and predominantly male workers for decades. For many who find employment at a well-service or refining company, a life of financial stability and on-the-job excitement is something to look forward to. Unfortunately, a new study has […]