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Street racing believed to have caused crash in Texas

A street racing incident that occurred on June 18 approximately 300 miles east of San Antonio, Texas, near Nacogdoches, sent two individuals to the hospital. The crash happened on Thousand Oaks when one of the racing vehicles rear-ended a pickup truck around 1:00 a.m. Police said the racer involved in the wreck remained at the scene while the other continued driving.

According to authorities, the truck crashed into a utility pole as a result of the impact. The driver had to be cut out of the truck and was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center and was in stable, but critical, condition as of the day of the accident. His female passenger suffered minor injuries and was transported to Northeast Baptist Hospital. The race participant whose vehicle struck the pickup truck is facing undisclosed charges.

The reckless actions of other parties can leave innocent people dealing with ill effects of an auto wreck. Those hurt in car accidents can experience financial problems from not being able to work, mounting medical bills and costly vehicle repairs. Victims of car accidents sometimes file personal injury claims in an effort to win restitution from the parties they believe were responsible for their respective accidents.

While accidents sometimes occur when everyone is following the rules of the road, motorists who race increase the risk of crashes taking place. In a potential civil trial, attorneys for the plaintiffs might argue that the truck would have been safe if the other drivers had been traveling within the speed limit. Legal counsel for the plaintiffs would use police reports and witness statements to provide evidence that the defendant was, in fact, speeding. That would point toward fault on his or her part and could lead to that person being found liable for the wreck.

Source: FOX 29, “Innocent driver hurt in street racing wreck”, June 18, 2014