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Steering Wheel Defects Can Cause Texas Wrecks

Steering Wheel Lock Up

Recently, a San Antonio man has blamed a sudden steering wheel lock-up as the cause of running over a pedestrian. The man claims that he was driving down the road, lost control of the car, and then hit another man who was walking on the sidewalk.

If the senseless death of the young man who was walking down the sidewalk was caused by a product defect in the steering mechanism of the driver’s car, the automobile manufacturer may be liable. For obvious reasons, a steering wheel on a car is not supposed to lock up when a person is driving through city traffic. While the fault may be on the driver of the vehicle, a thorough investigation of the vehicle involved may reveal that the steering wheel mechanism was installed improperly, or it could have been designed defectively, or it could have been defective when it was installed.

For situations like this, where injury or death is possibly caused by a defective product installed in a vehicle, it might be beneficial to contact an attorney experienced in the field of products liability. Many attorneys provide free consultations. If something like this has happened to you, a family member, or close friend, it is important for you to seek the advice of an attorney who can look at the facts and the evidence, in order to determine who, potentially, is at fault for the accident. The accident might not be the fault of the driver. The accident might be the fault of the auto-maker or any other person or company in charge of designing, assembling, and/or distributing the vehicle, or some combination of all of these.