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Star quarterback indicted for domestic assault

Being charged with criminal acts in Texas can result in serious penalties and long-term consequences. Regardless of the particular situation, one of the most important things the accused can do is stage a robust criminal defense to have the charges dropped, gain an acquittal or come to a plea agreement. For that, legal help is a must.

The troubled football player Johnny Manziel, whose career has quickly fallen on hard times, has been indicted on charges that he committed misdemeanor domestic assault against a former girlfriend. Mr. Manziel, 23 and currently an NFL free agent after his release from the Cleveland Browns, was accused of striking his then-girlfriend multiple times while driving a vehicle with her as a passenger. According to law enforcement, she made an attempt to exit the vehicle while it was still in motion. Mr. Manziel is alleged to have stopped and forced her to get back in. At a Texas hotel, she asked a valet to help her, saying she was in fear for her life.

The police did not arrest Manziel, instead choosing to send the case to the grand jury for its consideration as to whether a misdemeanor charge was appropriate. A protective order was given to the woman until February 2018. Mr. Manziel must stay a minimum of 500 feet away from her home. In addition, he cannot have a firearm and must pay $12,500 in legal fees.

Regardless of his public persona, Mr. Manziel is just like everyone else in that he must forge a strong defense to criminal accusations to avoid the accompanying penalties that come with a conviction. Those facing similar charges need to be aware that a conviction can lead to problems getting a job, being admitted to a school or otherwise moving on with life. Speaking to an attorney about crafting a defense is the first step whether it is a prominent athlete or a normal everyday Texas resident.

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