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Settlement reached in teen’s death from wisdom teeth extraction

The civil case related to the death of a teen during wisdom teeth surgery has been closed. Two years after the incident, the medical malpractice claim was settled confidentially. Filed in November, 2011, the case was brought against the medical professionals and facility involved in the 17-year-old girl’s procedure. A lack of oxygen during the surgery caused the brain injury and 10-day coma that preceded her death.

The teenager’s parents filed suit based on the claim that the professionals involved in the oral surgery were negligent, failing to respond appropriately to her slowing heart rate. Autopsy results pinpointed the cause of death as a lack of oxygen to the brain, also indicating that the girl had no record of significant medical history. The defense team suggested that preexisting issues of anxiety and stress may have played a role in the death. The parents of the teen were opposed to the public exposure of their daughter’s records in court.

Medical malpractice claims can be emotional. The death of a loved one in what is considered to be a routine procedure can be devastating. Surgical procedures can carry varied levels of risk. When a death results, the circumstances can be devastating to the family of the patient involved.

Texas parents who experience problems with their children as a result of dental or medical treatment may be distressed about how to proceed in the situation. In serious cases, costs can mount and quality of life can be compromised. If a disability or death has occurred following a procedure, consultation with a personal attorney may help victims address medical malpractice.

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