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School Bus Accident Near San Antonio Injures Students

A Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City School Bus was involved in an accident injuring 12 students and the driver. It appears from reports that the driver of the bus may have pulled out into an intersection when unsafe, causing a collision. Wet roads may have also contributed to the accident.

Damages for personal injuries against the school district, based upon the negligence of their driver, will be capped at $100,000.00 under Texas law. If the injuries sustained by any injured person are substantial and exceed $100,000.00 it would be necessary to determine if a claim can be made against a party other than the school district because of the cap on damages.

Other potential parties may be the owner of the property at the intersection if he had obstructed the view of the intersection or obstructed a stop or yield sign. Additionally, it may be worthwhile to investigate the other driver and take his deposition to see if he should have been able to stop even though the bus driver failed to yield.

A thorough investigation is necessary in all personal injury cases. In cases where Texas law has imposed caps (or limits) on recoverable damages (such as claims against government entities and medical malpractice cases) additional responsible parties may be the only way to seek full compensation for injuries and losses.