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San Antonio Employees to Undergo Drug/Alcohol Tests Following Accidents

In response to recent automobile accidents involving city employees, the San Antonio City Manager issued a directive that any employee that is involved in a vehicle collision will undergo drug and alcohol testing to determine whether impairment may have been a factor in the wreck. Following an accident involving a city-owned vehicle causing injury to a man in a wheel-chair, and a fatal traffic accident involving a police officer driving his city vehicle, the city manager directed that any city employee shall be tested for drugs and alcohol to offer the public assurances and to prevent later accusations being raised against the city employee.

The San Antonio Police Chief sent a memo to his officers directing that officer-involved accidents will require field sobriety tests to be administered. Unfortunately, the field sobriety tests are very subjective, and allow the officer administering such tests great leeway and latitude in interpreting the results. Requiring breathalyzer tests might offer more to the public trust.

Auto accidents causing personal injury can have long lasting impact on individuals and families. In addition to investigating drug and alcohol use, San Antonio personal injury attorneys should investigate cell phone records and other items of potential cause when determining fault following a vehicle accident. As we have discussed in prior entries, texting while driving is becoming much more common, and presents a danger equal to intoxication.