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San Antonio Drivers Should Be Aware of Auto Recall

Drivers and auto accident victims in San Antonio and throughout Texas should be aware that there is currently a recall on Jeep Grand Cherokee 2010 models concerning a potential failure to deploy passenger side airbags. Obviously, such an event could seriously impact and increase the injuries one may sustain if riding in one of these vehicles and being involved in a collision that should ordinarily deploy the airbag to protect the passenger. Without passenger side airbag deployment, if a person strikes their head on any part of the door frame, damage and personal injury ranging from contusions to serious brain injury can occur.

Information regarding this automobile product defect recall can be found at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Vehicles affected include the 2010 model Grand Cherokee, with manufacturing dates from October 22 through November 12, 2009. The cause appears to be an electrical system/instrument panel error, and dealers are expected to begin replacement of the top cover of the instrument panel in December.

In any car wreck, in addition to determining the fault of the driver that may have negligently caused injury, it is always important to ascertain whether a manufacturing defect may have been the source of injury or potentially aggravated the injury beyond what should have occurred in an otherwise, seemingly typical car accident.