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San Antonio Dental Malpractice Law Firm

Texas Dental Malpractice claims are considered Medical Malpractice Claims and are therefore controlled by the Malpractice Reforms that have previously taken place in Texas. It is therefore important to consider whether the firm that you are considering hiring to pursue a claim of Dental Malpractice has experience in the intricacies of Texas Medical Malpractice Law.

Because Dental Malpractice is a form of Medical Malpractice it is necessary that the strict requirements of the medical malpractice laws be met. In order to pursue a case of dental malpractice it is necessary to have expert reports which set out the errors committed, the harm caused and what the standard of care for a dental practitioners would be under the same or similar circumstances. These reports must be filed before the expiration of 120 days after any lawsuit is filed. Therefore it is important the the law firm handling these types of cases have access to qualified and credentialed experts in the many fields of dentistry, in order to quickly have records reviewed and reports prepared under the strict dictates of Texas law.

Having successfully handled many Medical Malpractice and Dental Malpractice cases in San Antonio and throughout Texas, our experience enables us to investigate and pursue a claim involving Dental Malpractice quickly and efficiently.