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San Antonio Court Prosecutes Dog Owners

San Antonio has established a new Municipal Court with the sole purpose to haul pet owners into Court and punish them for allowing their pets to run unleashed, not vaccinating their pets, or if their pet attacks and bites someone. The message is simple: “irresponsible pet ownership will not be tolerated.”

San Antonio, by some estimates, has over 3000 residents bitten annually by viscous dogs, and stray dogs number over 150,000 in the San Antonio metropolitan area. The animal court established in San Antonio is believed to be unique in the United States.

Prior to the establishment of the animal court, cases involving dog bites, stray dogs and lack of vaccination were not taken seriously. Now the fines levied can be large if a loose dog causes personal injury by attacking a child or adult.

The animal court does not provide compensation to people injured by dog bites. If someone is injured by a dog or other animal it is still necessary to individually pursue your cause of action with an attorney in order to seek compensation for medical expenses, scarring and other damages.