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San Antonio BMW Motorcycle Riders Be Aware

San Antonio and all Texas motorcycle riders should be aware of a recent recall issued from the Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) – a division of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The product defect recall involves certain 2009 and 2010 BMW model K1300 and K1300 GT motorcycles.

According to published reports, motorcycles manufactured between September 11, 2008 and November 19, 2009 may be prone to a build up of small deposits within the throttle bodies – pronounced with poor fuel quality. The build up of deposits, especially during engine operation at low RPM’s, can result in engine stall. Given that these effects occur typically during low RPM range driving, such as when coming to a stop, engine stall may lead to a vehicle crash and potential serious personal injury.

The safety recall is expected to be addressed by BMW in January, when repair of the problems will begin – free of charge to owners. Further information may be obtained from NHTSA, referencing Campaign ID No.:09V471000.

Serious injury can occur to the most prudent riders of motorcycles, as a result of neglect by other vehicle operators not paying attention to the two-wheeled users of the roadway.

Adding a product defect that could result on engine stall only increases the chances of a wreck occurring. If an engine stalls as a result of this build up – even if a car operator behind the motorcycle is paying attention, the sudden loss of momentum may result on the motorcyle being rear-ended, and the rider suffering serious injury.