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Multi-vehicle pileup due to pipes on highway

An accident on northbound U.S. Route 87 in Texas caused a six-vehicle pileup on Nov. 5 after a truck tractor pulling a trailer dumped a load of pipes onto the highway. According to sources, the combination of the pipes on the rain-slick highway and the early-morning darkness caused the chain reaction.

The accident happened near Crook Road in Wall around 6 a.m. when the 2007 truck tractor, hauling a semi loaded with pipes, hit a wet stretch on the roadway. The truck skidded on the wet roadway and drifted toward the right. In an attempt to gain control, the driver overcorrected, causing the Volvo truck to skid back toward the left and roll over in the center median. According to police, five vehicles behind the truck were unable to see the pipes strewn across the highway. The driver of the truck tractor was cited for operating the truck at a speed above that which was considered safe for his vehicle.

The driver of the truck tractor and a passenger were injured, police said. Two other individuals in a 2010 Ford van were also injured in the crash.

A truck accident, as in this case, has the ability to cause serious injury to other motorists. Operating a truck at an unsafe speed may cause the driver to lose control of his or her vehicle and, due to its weight and momentum, be unable to regain control.

A motorist may experience financial loss after a truck accident due to medical bills and lost wages. They may seek to recover damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the trucker. The injured motorist may find it beneficial to speak with an attorney. The attorney may assist them in reviewing the accident and establishing fault.

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