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Halloween Safety Precautions

Another Halloween will soon be upon us. Enjoy the festivities of the season – pumpkins, ghoulish or whimsical decorations, hot apple cider, haunted houses, and FINALLY some cooler weather! But also, remember to be safe.

While enjoying the holiday, which will lead into Thanksgiving and then Christmas before we know it, please remember to exercise caution and to follow a few safety tips: reading warning labels on decorations; buying flame-retardant costumes for the kids; and, maybe opting for battery operated candles, instead of the real thing. If you cannot do without the ambiance a real flame or fire provides, make sure that flammable materials (including clothing, decorations, and household items such as curtains) are a safe distance away from any type of fire.

If you have older children, there are additional lessons to share and teach. According to published reports, more pedestrians are hit and killed on Halloween than any other day of the year. Many of the deaths involved 12-18 year olds. It might not just be the young ones who need to be reminded to “look both ways.” Also, if your teenager decides to venture out on Halloween, be sure to remind him or her about the dangers of drinking and driving and distracted driving (texting, talking with friends) among a few other precautions you might want to repeat to them, in spite of sounding like a broken record to their “know it all” ears.

Safety first, doesn’t mean no fun…it means be careful. How else can you enjoy the goodies in your candy bag unless you make it home in one piece!