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Ford Recall Ordered by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

The United States Government has issued a recall order, requiring Ford Motors to repair and/or replace defective wiring in certain vehicles. This is the second warning and it was issued because there are still nearly 5 million vehicles that have not been brought in by owners for the necessary repairs. The complaint centers primarily on the F-150 pick-up series as well as several SUV models, and the safety concerns focus on the potential for engine fires to ignite.

For your own safety, if you own a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury truck or SUV, see the full list of recalled vehicles to determine if the recall applies to you.

A NHTSA spokesperson was quoted in the Houston Chronicle describing the recall as involving “a very serious safety risk.” It was noted that at least 60 vehicle owners had reported engine fires during the time frame that the initial recall notices were sent out. According to Ford, there have not been reports of injury or accidents related to the safety issue, but out of the estimated 12 million vehicles affected, there are still 5 million unrepaired vehicles on the road.

If you have an issue with a defective vehicle, and substantial damage to the vehicle, or worse, injury or death has occurred, contact an experienced attorney immediately.