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Fatal four-vehicle wreck in Texas

A fatal wreck involving four vehicles occurred in Tomball on Sunday, Aug. 25. A 2011 Ford pickup truck ran into a 2009 Dodge truck, thrusting it head-on into the lane that a 2010 Ford four-door sedan was driving in. The Dodge was attempting to make a left turn when the Ford pickup truck rear-ended it. The accident occurred on FM 1774 close to Plantersville and south of Texas 105.

A 2013 Ford Mustang was reportedly damaged from the debris caused by the accident. The driver of the Mustang was not injured in the fatal accident. However, the driver of the four-door sedan was pronounced dead on the scene. A passenger of the sedan was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital, and the driver of the Dodge was transported to St. Luke’s Woodland Hospital. Both of them were said to be in fair condition. The driver of the Ford pickup truck was transported to St. Joseph Regional Hospital with a broken ankle and several minor injuries.

The family of the man who died as a result of the accident could choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the person who is deemed responsible for the accident. The man may have been the primary breadwinner for his family, in which case the family might be able to ask for compensation for his lost earning power. Additionally, they might ask for reimbursement for his medical and funeral expenses. The surviving family members might have also suffered trauma or psychological damage at the unexpected loss of their loved one, in which case they might be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering.

A personal injury lawyer might be able to help the surviving family file a civil lawsuit in the accident. A lawyer might be able to help them negotiate a suitable settlement with the defendant.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Tomball man killed in four-vehicle wreck“, Craig Hlavaty, August 26, 2013