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Family of deceased man sues Texas nursing home

Texas residents searching for new homes for their elderly family members may want to take notice of a lawsuit filed against a Texas nursing home. The man’s family entered into the lawsuit after his demise, claiming that the man’s health issues and subsequent death were caused by retirement home workers providing inadequate care.

The suit stated that for approximately six weeks, the nursing home resident suffered a series of severe injuries including sores and ulcers. The man’s family also claimed that he was not provided an appropriate and healthy amount of fluids while in the care of nursing home workers.

The written report alleged that the resident first experienced a wound less than a month after entering the nursing home facility. The wound, an ulcer accompanied by rotting flesh, was eventually brought to the attention of medical professionals when the patient entered a hospital. Medical professionals examining the patient allegedly found that the patient was not ingesting enough water and consequently experienced several other health concerns. The lawsuit stated that this hospital stay was just the first of many trips to the medical facility for a myriad of health issues such as ulcers, sores, infections, dehydration, pneumonia and malnutrition.

The nursing home resident’s health eventually deteriorated so significantly that his loved ones decided to place him in hospice care, where the man ultimately died. Afterwards, the family filed a lawsuit against the nursing home and alleged that the patient’s death was a direct result of nursing home workers’ negligence. After a loved one dies as a result of alleged negligence, families may file a wrongful death lawsuit to possibly recover money spent on medical bills and funeral arrangements. They could also seek damages for emotional anguish.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, “Wrongful death suit accuses Port Arthur nursing home of failing to adequately treat patient“, Kelly Holleran, August 12, 2013