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Drunk driving accident kills 5 cast, crew members of “Texas”

Six performers and crew members who took part in the “Texas” musical drama were involved in a serious vehicle accident. Only one survived the crash that took place on U.S. 287 in the vicinity of Dumas as the performers were leaving a cast party on Aug. 12. The accident, which occurred less than 50 miles from Amarillo, resulted in hospitalization for the sole cast member who didn’t perish.

The car accident was caused when a 20-year-old male driver suddenly drove in the way of an 18-wheel tractor trailer. After the motorist pulled in front of the truck, a commercial vehicle collided with the car. The truck driver, a Colorado man, was also injured in the incident. The alleged drunk driver, who’s blood alcohol content registered as 0.165 percent, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety police, died as a result of the accident.

It is unknown whether other factors besides the drunk driver’s intoxication contributed to the accident. The musical, which plays to tens of thousands of viewers every summer, did not release a statement at the time of the report.

Accidents that involve drunk drivers can result in serious injuries or fatalities even when these motorists don’t directly collide with other vehicles. Injured victims and their families may have to pay high medical treatment fees and deal with financial burdens caused by not being able to work while they recover. Accident attorneys who have experience reconstructing events and piecing evidence together may be able to help these individuals pursue compensation in court or with insurers.

Source: KWTX, “Driver Drunk In Crash That Killed 5 “Texas” Cast, Crew Members“, September 05, 2013