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Dog Bite Injuries Can Happen to Anyone

Serious dog bites can occur to anyone, even the famous. A famous soccer coach from Argentina, Diego Maradona, has undergone plastic surgery on his face after being bitten by one of his dogs. Apparently, Mr. Maradona was seriously injured when one of his dogs bit his lips and then continued to hold until the tissue was torn.

Most people have heard of horror stories when an individual is attacked by a wild dog or dogs while outside. However, most dog bites occur either in the dog owner’s home or close to the property owners property lines.

It is believed there are two reasons for the majority of dog bites to occur while on someone’s property or in their home. The first reason is that dogs can become territorial and feel as though they are protecting their master or their own area; secondly, the person attacked often allowed an allegedly domesticated pet get too close or tried to pet the animal.

We have had a number of dog bite cases where the dog was a small lap-type dog that is placed upon the visitor’s lap. The dog becomes either frightened or agitated and bites the visitor in the face and often on the lips as was done to Diego Maradona. If you are attacked by another homeowner’s dog, the homeowner’s liability insurance can provide compensation for medical bills, scarring and other related losses that are a result of the dog attack.