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Dog Attacks Two Year Old

A two year old girl was recently attacked by a Rottweiler when the child opened an unlocked a yard gate. The dog was in the yard behind the unlatched gate when the neighbor’s young child lifted the latch. The 3 year old Rottweiler tore the child’s scalp off. The grandmother of the child got on top of the toddler to protect the child from further attacks. A neighbor or passerby called 911 and the police arrived and the child was taken to the hospital.

Texas law protects children and adults alike from dangerous dogs, and in most municipalities there are laws requiring animals to be restrained with leashes, fences and other enclosures that are capable of containing the animals and protecting the neighboring public from dangerous or vicious dogs. Some breeds are known for these propensities, even without provocation, and owners must take the necessary and reasonable steps to guard against attacks.

We have investigated and handled many attack scenarios and are experienced in assisting families that have been devastated by serious injury caused by attacking animals.