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Couple sues truck driver and employer after truck accident

Truck accidents have the ability to cause serious injuries and harm to truck accident victims. A couple has brought a claim, following a truck accident, in Texas against a truck driver and the truck driver’s employer for negligence. The couple asserts in their lawsuit that they suffered injuries in the truck accident between their vehicle and the truck driver’s semi truck.

The couple has accused the truck driver and truck driver’s employer of negligence in the lawsuit, asserting the truck driver disregarded necessary safety measures before driving and while driving and that the truck driver failed to abide by traffic rules and regulations when causing the truck accident that left them injured. The couple further asserts that the truck driver ignored a red light signal, was driving at an excessive rate of speed at the time of the accident and failed to apply his brakes or take proper control of the semi truck to prevent the accident. They also assert he violated Texas traffic laws and regulations and drove recklessly, among additional allegations.

The injured couple also asserted in their claim that the trucking company that employed the truck driver was negligent because it failed to competently assess the truck driver’s ability to safely operate a semi truck and the couple has made additional allegations against the trucking company as well. The couple is seeking compensation for damages sustained in the accident. When truck accident victims have been negligently injured in a truck accident, the truck driver and the trucking company, depending on the circumstances and relationship between the truck driver and trucking company, may be responsible to compensate the victims for damages.

Because truck accident injuries can be serious, truck accident victims can face a difficult recovery process and substantial physical, financial and emotional damages. As a result, it is important that truck accident victims are familiar with the options that may be available to them when they have been injured by an inattentive truck driver in a truck accident.

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