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Choosing a San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney

If you, or a loved one, has suffered an injury because of another persons negligent conduct, or, if a business or manufacturer has caused permanent loss or caused the wrongful death of a family member, choosing the right San Antonio personal injury attorney can be a daunting task. There are many well-qualified and proven attorneys in San Antonio; unfortunately, there are also attorneys that are not. How can you help make the best decision for you or your family? Nothing is more important that research, and here are a few things that you should consider:

1) Is the attorney experienced in the field?

Years of experience are important, but more than longevity, ask about the number of years a lawyer has been handling your particular type of case. Also, ask about trial experience and accomplishments as an attorney in that particular field.

2) Is the attorney Board Certified?

Board certification requires that an attorney have a sufficient number of years of experience. But, in addition, to become board certified a lawyer must pass written examinations, provide references from other attorneys and judges, and be able to prove their track record and experience in the courtroom.

3) Does the attorney and firm have the resources to engage in long-term litigation?

Visit the attorney’s office and ask questions about similar cases handled and the costs involved. Competent and qualified law firms will have the resources to spend money to investigate all avenues involved in a case; they will have the ability to hire the most qualified experts in the United States; they will have a track record of battling large companies and corporate law firms and not backing down or being overwhelmed. Will the law firm pay all of the expenses of litigation, and only receive reimbursement and attorney fees if they case is successfully concluded? This is known as contingency representation, and the law firm should have the financial and legal resources to handle a case without asking the personal injury victim to risk money.

4) Trust your instinct.

Above all else, you must feel confident and trust in the lawyer and law firm you choose. Most serious cases are not handled and done in a month or two – rather, most serious cases involve a long-term fight. Negligent doctors and product manufacturers usually deny and fight, rather than admit and accept responsibility. Most insurance companies, even if the at fault driver admits to causing a collision, doubt and delay claims rather than objectively evaluate and promptly pay due losses. You need to feel comfortable with your choice when you hire an attorney. Make sure your questions are answered, and make sure you feel trust in the responses. Good lawyers will not be offended by questions, nor should they make you feel like you must sign a retainer contract before thinking about your decision.

No doubt you will have many other areas of inquiry when seeking to hire a lawyer. In the end, you should be thorough in your search. Fast talk and sound bites are not the basis for a good choice. Using your instincts and treating the decision with the weight it deserves will allow you to feel good about your choice.