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Car Wreck in Karnes County

According to the Wilson County News, a man from Goliad died in a car crash in Karnes County this past July. The wreck occurred when the Goliad man’s 2005 Toyota sedan possibly crossed the line into oncoming traffic, striking a 2011 Dodge pickup truck which was traveling in the opposite direction. The driver of the Dodge truck was taken to the hospital. As a result of the collision, debris hit another driver’s vehicle, causing damage, but no great bodily injury enough to warrant immediate medical treatment.

The article from the Wilson County News did not report on what time of day this accident occurred. Many different factors, including time of day and where the drivers were going and/or coming from, might have contributed to the cause of this tragic traffic accident. Reconstruction experts can, in many cases, rebuild the scene of the wreck and the moments before the collision by examining skid marks, gouging in the roadway, debris, and the electronic components of the vehicles involved – including electronic data recorders, or as some people call them, Black Boxes.

An experienced law firm, with the resources to hire highly trained and educated expert witnesses can make the difference in a case that might otherwise look like there are too many unknown issues