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Bus Accidents in San Antonio Texas

When a bus is in a serious accident it is often assumed that a driver is at fault, and in most bus accidents it is driver error that causes the accident. Serious bus accidents in San Antonio and surrounding areas are common events. When a bus accident occurs it is not uncommon for the driver of the bus to blame the other driver or a pedestrian as the cause of the accident.

However, if the bus-driver gives a statement that some component of the bus mechanically failed, causing the accident, the San Antonio personal injury lawyer representing the injured party should investigate the claim of a defect. If a product defect is found it will increase the likelihood that the injured party can be fully compensated.

A recent recall by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) involved 226 City Transit buses manufactured by North American Bus Industries. The recall was based upon a faulty steering gear assembly that could result in the bus driver losing control of the vehicle and causing a crash.