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Birth injury due to negligence deserves accountability

The arrival of a child is supposed to be a time of joy. For most parents the delivery marks the end of a long, nine-month wait. For couples who found it difficult to conceive the anticipation may well be marked by a level of high anxiety.

Complications are not uncommon, but medical professionals in Texas are trained to anticipate them. To do that they are expected to be up to date on the current standards of care for those situations. If they fail to exercise that knowledge in a timely and correct way, birth injuries with life-altering implications can result.

Any parent will tell you babies don’t come with owner’s manuals. You learn as you go and the learning curve can be pretty significant when everything goes exactly as it should. If the child suffers a birth injury the curve gets steeper and life becomes an even bigger challenge financially and emotionally.

Meeting those challenges and addressing the effects they have on your life and on the life of your child are things you should not have to take on alone. Seeking help, though, is something that requires assertive action and a level of experience most people do not have.

To determine if a case may exist and what will be needed to ensure the well-being of your child for his or her entire life means working with experts who can review the records and evidence. From there it may involve parsing out how fault should be assigned. There are many players involved in a delivery; doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists. The hospital, too, may be at fault if its oversight and policies were lacking.

If a birth injury to your child has left you devastated and wondering what to do next, the recommended action is to contact an attorney with experience in seeking and obtaining compensation.