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4-car wreck sends five to hospital

A four-car accident in Tyler, Texas, sent five victims to the hospital with injuries. The car accident occurred on Highway 31 East near the intersection with County Road 24. Traffic was stopped as vehicles were preparing to turn left on County Road 24. However, a Tahoe failed to stop in time to avoid a collision and the driver swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid rear-ending another vehicle. The Tahoe collided with an oncoming vehicle in what officials described as a nearly head-on crash.

The Tahoe flipped at least once, and the other car’s passenger side door was nearly torn off. A total of five people were transported to area hospitals with undisclosed injuries. However, Texas State Troopers said that all victims were conscious at the time of transport; this is a good indication that none of the injuries were life-threatening, although no reports on the victims’ conditions have been released.

Multi-car accidents often result in injuries, and it may be difficult to determine exactly who caused the accident or how many drivers may have been at fault. Accident reconstruction teams sometimes work to investigate such accidents and make a determination as to which driver or drivers were responsible for the collision.

Victims of car accidents may benefit from the assistance and advice of a personal injury attorney. In order to collect damages for medical expenses, increased living costs during recovery periods, pain and suffering, and other monetary compensation, victims may need to file a lawsuit. A personal injury attorney may be able to advise these victims as to their rights and assist them in filing a lawsuit to recover these damages from the at-fault driver or drivers.

Source: KLTV, “Five hospitalized in four-vehicle accident,” March 26, 2013