Collision kills 1 woman and injures another

Two women were involved in an accident on a back road in East Texas, killing one of them and sending the other to the hospital. The police believe that the wreck happened when one of the woman’s SUV crossed over the center line of the highway and struck the other woman’s vehicle.

Police were dispatched to the scene of the accident at 9:40 a.m. on Aug. 3. They traveled to the site, which was four miles east of Hemphill in Sabine County, and found two SUVs that had run into each other on FM 3121. One vehicle, a SUV driven by a 74-year-old woman from Hemphill, had been driving north in the southbound lane where she collided with a second SUV driven by a 73-year-old woman who was also from Hemphill.

The second woman was seriously injured in the head-on collision and had to be transported by air to a hospital in Shreveport. However, she passed away from her wounds at 3:17 p.m. The other woman was injured as well and taken to a hospital in Tyler. The police were still investigating the collision at the time of reporting.

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Source: KFXK, “1 killed, 1 injured in 2-vehicle crash“, Michel Wesp, August 04, 2014