San Antonio Hit and Run Auto Accidents

There have been several recent stories in the San Antonio news media involving hit and run automobile accidents. The trauma inflicted by a hit and run driver, and the injuries suffered by a victim of hit and run drivers in San Antonio, Texas can be devastating. Unfortunately, the pain and injury can be compounded unless the victim carried uninsured/underinsured motor vehicle protection coverage on their personal auto insurance. If the perpetrator flees the scene, and the victim cannot identify the hit and run driver in order to make a claim against the perpetrator’s insurance, the only available option may be if the victim had uninsured/underinsured protection.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance protects you, and your family riding in your vehicle, from persons that cause an accident and either do not have insurance, or do not have enough insurance to pay your hospital and doctor bills, lost time at work, and other recoverable losses under Texas law. Likewise, if another driver hits your vehicle causing a wreck, and then flees before they can be identified, the uninsured coverage on your policy will protect you and pay those losses.

Uninsured/underinsured coverage is usually very economical, and much less than the cost of the original liability policy that Texas law requires drivers to maintain. By adding this valuable insurance coverage to your policy, you can protect yourself and those traveling in your vehicle. If injuries are sustained, your losses and the damage to your vehicle can be protected on your own insurance policy and you can prevent yourself from being victimized twice.

Texas law requires that this coverage be offered to you, and you must sign a waiver of this coverage when purchasing auto insurance. Before you conclude that you do not have this coverage, you or an attorney on your behalf, should verify that a signed waiver of this important insurance coverage exists.